A lot of new stock is coming in all the time! Give us a call or come over to Ulrum (Groningen, Netherlands)

Currently we have over 5000 second hand bicycles for sale. All bikes are used bikes. Conditions of the bikes varies from as good as new to used and needing maintenance.

You can come and pick bicycles or buy in lots. We export the bicycles via containers, but we also load trucks and trailers.

This lot of export bikes includes used mountain bikes for export, used electric bikes, woman bicycles, men bicycles, kids bicycles and even racing bicycles.

Many different used bike brands for sale, but the majority of them are Gazelle, Batavus, Sparta, Union, Cortina, Veloretti, Giant and other Dutch brands.

We always have 5000 used bicycles for sale, including used electric bikes, used racing bikes, used mountain bikes, used kids bicycles, used ladies bicycles, used bikes for men. All for export.