Currently we are getting in many used electric bikes. All of these bikes are Dutch second hand electric bicycles, ready to be exported. We ship our bikes from our location in Ulrum, Groningen. This is in the North of The Netherlands. We have over 5000 second hand bikes in stock and get in new stock all the time.

We export all over the world. Most of our electric bikes are sold in Europe to countries like Romania, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Turkey Hungary, Ireland, Spain, Portugal and many more.

We prefer to sell our bikes in big lots that are shipped in containers, trucks or trailers. We can organise shipping and support with loading, but shipping costs are for the buyer.

The electric bikes for export are mixed brands. You can find brands like Batavus, Cortina, Cube, Gazelle, Kalkhoff, Koga, Sparta en Stromer, Engwe, Prophete, Beaufort, Beeq, BSP, Popal, Urbanbiker, Villette Elops, Btwin, Huyser, Tenways, Veloretti, VanMoof and many more.

Some bicycles have the battery included, others do not. We do not have the chargers for these bikes.

Conditions are mixed from good conditions, to sometimes needing some work. You can buy mixed lots or come and pick, but we do not sell 1 by 1. Minimum of 10, but preferable >50.

We always have 5000 used bicycles for sale, including used electric bikes, used racing bikes, used mountain bikes, used kids bicycles, used ladies bicycles, used bikes for men. All for export.

More pictures are following soon.