Used Bicycle Export sells more than 100.000 used bicycles every year. Most bicycles are coming from the North of the Netherlands and are sold to African countries such as Gambia, Senegal, Guinee, Morocco, Tunisia and many more countries in Eastern Europe and South-America. The bicycles are in mixed conditions from reasonable to good and are sold in lots with a minimum of 10 bikes per lot. We prefer to ship full containers.

From where do we export our bikes?

Our dispatch location is in Ulrum, the North of the Netherlands. Bikes are sold in mixed sets for 20 euro per bicycle, with a minimum of 10 bicycles. All export documentation can be provided, containers can be loaded and transportation from Ulrum (North of the Netherlands) to the port in Rotterdam (Netherlands) or Antwerp (Belgium) can also be arranged. Our bicycles can be checked in Ulrum, The Netherlands.

We can load and ship containers with export bicycles

On request we can provide the loading of one or multiple containers, both 20ft and 40ft containers. Usually containers can leave our property, after full payment, within just a few weeks.

Container with used bicycles

Where are our export bicycles coming from?

In the Netherlands, there are many many bikes. There are so many bikes, that the government has strict rules on where you are allowed to park your bike. If you do not park your bike properly, or park it too long at a certain spot, the government is allowed to impound your bicycle. It is then brought to a government location where the bicycle owner has 30 days to reclaim their bike upon payment of a fine. If the owner does not reclaim the bicycle, or does not want to pay the fine, the bicycles are brought to governmental auction. We buy our bikes in lots of 10 on these auctions. Because the supply of bicycles at the auction is very big, we can supply an almost unlimited amount of bikes. 

Export bikes from the Netherlands

What type of bicycles do we have?

We have export bicycles from all categories. Both luxury and budget bikes are available from females, males, boys and girls (kids). Contact us to inform us on your demands. We have very high supply possibilities.